We Hand Code HTML

Gallagher Website Design hand codes all HTML, CSS and PHP. Why? We've learned that coding by hand has many advantages.

Advantages of Hand Coding

One of the advantages to hand coding is that its less likely to have visibility and layout problems when viewed in different Internet browsers. Many programs for website editing produces code which does not display correctly in all Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Sarfari. The only true way to know that the site views correctly in these browsers is testing it in each browser and make the nessary changes by hand coding. So in the end one must be able to hand code regardless, in order to make sure the site displays correctly in all major Internet browsers. That's why we simple start with hand coding which makes it more likely that our sites will display right the first time.

Another advantage is the reduction of code bloat. Code bloat is when the code written has extra unnessary code or spacing which cause the web page to load slower becuase the code takes up extra unnessary space.

Lastly, another advantage to hand coding is the speed of development. Many people believe a program for website editing would be faster but that's just not the case. If one truly knows a programming launage, typing code will be much faster then having to click on several buttons, menus, etc around a program to produce the same result.