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4 Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Get Leads

4 Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Get Leads

Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t get leads? Or even concluded that a website couldn’t get you leads? Well, the fact is that MOST businesses and industries CAN and SHOULD be get leads from their website. For over 20 years, I’ve found that almost every business I’ve come across that said they can’t or were not […]

How to Clear Your Cache In Google Chrome

How to Clear Your Cache In Google Chrome

In this tutorial I’m going to walk you through how to clear your cache in Google Chrome. What is Cache? You might be wondering what is cache, or browser cache? Cache are temporary Internet files stored on your computer when you visit a website. Google Chrome and other Internet browsers download files from a website […]

Make Dropit jQuery Dropdowns Close on MouseOut

I’ve recently stumbled upon Dropit dropdowns plugin for jQuery. It’s a great, simple dropdown script that you can quickly implement. But I’ve found it was missing one thing. How to make Dropit jQuery dropdowns close on mouseout. So I’ve created a little script that makes the dropdown close when you mouse out or hover off […]

jQuery Input Type Selectors for HTML5

As many of you have noticed,  jQuery doesn’t allow you to select HTML 5 input elements with the standard colon selection type, like this :date So what you can do is use brackets to define the input type you want to select. Here is what I came up with. This should include most if not […]

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