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5 Steps to Start Making Videos for Your Business

Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine? That’s right after Google, YouTube is the most searched site. So how many videos does your company have on YouTube? If you have none or only a few you’re missing out on because over 90% of all American Internet users watch videos on YouTube. So if you think5+1 you’re company shouldn’t be on YouTube because you’re clients aren’t, unless they are that less than 10% you’re probably missing out on a huge marketing avenue. That’s why in this article I’m going to go over 5 steps to start making videos for your business.

  1. Get video equipment. Surprisingly, you don’t need much as far as video equipment to shoot good looking videos. And I should stress here you don’t need to shoot super high-quality professional videos. As long as your videos look decent you’ll be fine.

    But your audio, on the other hand, should be high quality. People seem to be okay with video that might not be as high quality, but when the audio is bad most people won’t keep watching.

    Now for the actual equipment, if you have a smartphone, then that’s all you really need. In fact, our video above was shot with an iPhone. If you want to make it look a little more professional, then you can get some inexpensive lighting and a background. But that’s about all you’ll need.

    And then for editing your videos, you could probably get away with using the video editor that comes on most smartphones. And then when you’re ready to step up your game a bit, I would suggest something like Adobe Premiere and After Effects. But again you don’t need those to start shooting video. Remember, the most important thing is that you do the videos, not necessarily the quality.
  2. Get YouTube or video-sharing account. This is pretty simple. You may already have a YouTube account. Just make sure tied to your business. That’s the most important thing because you want the videos to be credited to your business and once you upload them, you can’t change their author. So make sure your YouTube account is a business account. If you don’t want to use YouTube there are a number of other video sharing websites, such as Vimeo, Wista, and DailyMotion. For our company, Gallagher Website Design, we’ve found YouTube to be the best to fit for our needs since it has such a huge audience and super easy to upload to.
  3. Decide what types of content you’re going to shoot. Making a decision on what type of content you want to shoot is uber important. You want to make sure the topics of videos you’re shooting are things people are interested in. One way to find out is to search those video searching websites, such as YouTube, and see what videos in your industry that are popular (meaning they have a lot of views). You can then come up with similar content, or even fill gaps in information that was left out by these other videos. For example, if there are some videos about making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and none of them tell you what types of peanut butter make the best sandwiches, then that could be a good topic to video.
  4. Make a schedule. This is very important, as I find without a consistent schedule most people stop doing videos. So make a schedule and stick to it! I suggest doing at least 2 videos a week. And you may want to start with doing a video a day for a few weeks just to seed things, so you have a bunch of videos to start with.

  5. Start shooting and publishing. Obviously, you’ll need to start shooting your videos and publishing them. This is where the rubber meets the road. Keep yourself focused and make sure you adhere to your video schedule. Remember getting the videos out is more important than the quality. Because without any videos, there is no quality to worry about. And as a quick tips, you may want to keep a video shoot area set up permanently. This way it’s easy to just go to your designated area and film your videos.

If you have any question about how to get started or want some more specifics on any of the above points I mentioned, use our free evaluation link below.

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