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Make Dropit jQuery Dropdowns Close on MouseOut

I’ve recently stumbled upon Dropit dropdowns plugin for jQuery. It’s a great, simple dropdown script that you can quickly implement. But I’ve found it was missing one thing. How to make Dropit jQuery dropdowns close on mouseout. So I’ve created a little script that makes the dropdown close when you mouse out or hover off […]

jQuery Input Type Selectors for HTML5

As many of you have noticed,  jQuery doesn’t allow you to select HTML 5 input elements with the standard colon selection type, like this :date So what you can do is use brackets to define the input type you want to select. Here is what I came up with. This should include most if not […]

Check for Cookies Enabled

I recently needed to check and see if cookies were enabled for a script that I was writing for authenticating a user login. I quickly realized all the problems with this I had forgot as I don’t normally set cookies but rather normally use sessions. Problems to overcome: Can’t check for a cookie when first […]

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