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6 Effective Ways to Get Leads from Facebook

Every business needs leads. New sales and customers are the lifeblood of businesses. But sometimes getting them can seem tricky. In fact, 63% of marketers and business owners say their biggest challenge is getting website traffic and leads. That’s why in this article I’m going to go over 3 effective ways to get leads from Facebook.

  1. Facebook ads. Facebook ads are one of my top methods for getting leads from Facebook. Yes, they do cost money but if you dial in your ad and targeting you can get a steady stream of quality leads every day. In fact, at Gallagher Website Design we see 10-20 leads a day for some of the clients we work with. The key here is to have the right ad and targeting.
  2. Run a giveaway. Giveaways are easy to set up and run on Facebook. Simply post what you’re giving away and a link to sign up for a chance to win. When they sign up, make sure to collect their email and contact info so you can reach out and market to them later on. I also suggest giving people an extra entry to win if they share your post. That will help organically grow your giveaway without you having to spend ad dollars on it.
  3. Collaborate in groups. This is a good one that not too many people are using. Join groups that are relevant to your industry or location. Contribute to the groups, and then after you’ve become established, you can do some promotion of your business within the group – as long as the group rules allow. And even if the group doesn’t allow promotional posts to the group, you can always network with people in the group and then individually reach out to them to talk with them about your services.
  4. Create lead magnets. Here is another good one. For this one, create free content to give away. Make a web page where people can sign up for this free content in exchange for giving you their contact info. Then post about your free content with a link to your web page on your Facebook business page. You may also want to post this on your personal page. And don’t just do this once, periodically send out a post about this but make sure to change up the post so it catches people’s eye.
  5. Use Facebook live videos. If you don’t already know, Facebook has a feature where you can host live videos. Because this is new and unique, it’s a great way to draw people as they want to see what’s going on. And then in your live video advertising for your products or services. Even better yet, create a lead magnet that you advertise for in your video. Then that you can collect several people’s contact info and continue to email and follow up with them.
  6. Connect with 5+ people everyday. The more people you’re connected with on Facebook the more reach you have. Try to friend at least 5 new people a day to keep growing your audience. The larger audience you have the more people will see your posts. So when you do advertise or write about your business, you’re likely to reach more people. Of course, this applies to your personal page, but don’t think that should stop you. You should be building up friends there AND advertising your business on your personal page. You’d be surprised at how many people might not know what you do or that you offer the service/product they’d rather buy from you than someone else.

If you need help on implementing any of these above steps, or want a custom plan, use the link below for a free evaluation, and we’ll contact you to go over everything.

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