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7 Easy Ways to Get Leads from Twitter

It’s no secret that Twitter is one of the top social media sites out there. In fact, it has roughly 330 million active users per month. With about 500 million tweets sent daily. So as you can see, it’s a pretty crowded space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t punch through the noise and start driving leads to your business. That’s why in this article I’m going to go over 7 easy ways to get leads from Twitter.

  1. Twitter ads. Twitter ads are grossly underutilized. That being the case they’re generally less expensive than other social media platforms. But that doesn’t mean they are not as effective. With Twitter ads, similar to Facebook, you can target interests and who people are following. With that you can really narrow down your ads so they only show to your ideal customers. Just make sure your ad copy is excellent and you have an offer people want.

  2. Send welcome DMs. Every person that follows you on Twitter is another opportunity to reach out and promote your business. When people follow you, you should send them a DM (direct message) thanking them for following you and giving them a sales offer on one of your services or products. Or better yet give them some free content in exchange for their email address, and then follow up with them to keep moving them along your sales funnel.

  3. Run a contest. This is an easy one, simply post about a contest your having and make sure to include popular relevant hashtags so people can easily find your contest. Require participants to fill out a form so you can collect their contact info. This is a key step. This way you can follow back up with each of them via email, etc. As a bonus you can offer people a second free entry into the contest if they share your tweet. This will help spread and grow your contest organically.

  4. Tweet about a lead magnet. This is another great one. And in case you’re not sure what a lead magnet is, it’s some free content you’re willing to give away for free in exchange for someone’s email address or contact info. So with this strategy, set up a web page to collect their contact info and a thank you page to give them the free content. After you’ve collected their contact info you can continue to follow up with them and move them along your sales cycle. I would suggest tweeting about your lead magnet several times, and even pin it to the top of your Twitter page.

  5. Search for tweets about needing your services. This is a cool one that not to many people are doing. Spend some time each day or week searching Twitter for people that are asking for suggestion or help finding people that provide your services or products. For example, at Gallagher Website Design we could search Twitter for people asking for recommendations on web design companies. Then reply to these tweets with info about your company.

  6. Use lead cards. Twitter has a neat little feature not too many people know about. It’s called lead cards. These are basically special tweets that you can create that go to a landing page and collect the lead’s info. You can create these inside of Twitter’s ad section. Once you’ve created one, you can either us it in a Twitter ad or tweet it out for free on your account.

  7. Network with prospects. Here is another favorite. Simple search for people on Twitter that mean the characteristics of your ideal clients. Then start following and engaging them with them. Once they’ve gotten to know you, you can mention to them you provide xyz service or product.

If you need help on implementing any of these above steps, or want a custom plan, use the link below for a free evaluation, and we’ll contact you to go over everything.

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