Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message WordPress Plugin

This is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to display a Coronavirus notice message on your website and an optional web page to display more information. The plugin was developed by our St Pete web design team here at Gallagher Website Design.

The plugin can be downloaded from WordPress or installed directly from the Plugins section when logged in as an admin on your site.

COVID-19 has created an impact on the entire world. Some businesses as a result are shutdown or running with limit capacity. That’s were this plugin can help. No matter if your website and business is open or shutdown or something in between, you can easily post a notification on your website using this plugin..

Plugin Features

  • Choose notification location (top, top static, bottom, bottom static, inline with text/shortcode).
  • Customize the colors for notification banner and text.
  • Control the headline for the notification message.
  • Edit the notification message text.
  • Add a read more link to the notice message.
  • Control where the read more links to.

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