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Data Pro Infinity POWER WordPress Plugin

Connects Woocommerce WordPress to Data Pro Infinity POWER.

With the Data Pro Infinity POWER WordPress plugin, you can connect your Woocommerce WordPress store/site directly to Data Pro accounting database. This plugin sends all your key customer data directly to the Infinity POWER Accounts Receivable master customer file. As orders are processed online in your Woocommerce shopping cart, that order information is updated in real time to the Infinity POWER Sales Order Entry module.

As a result, this plugin eliminates the need to manually add customers and transactions from your Woocommerce web site into the Data Pro accounting modules.

The information that is automatically transferred includes:

Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Customer Number
  • Customer Name
  • Bill To Address 1 Ship To Address 1
  • Bill To Address 2 Ship To Address 2
  • Bill To Address 3 Ship To Address 3
  • Bill To Address 4 Ship To Address 4
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
  • Email Address
  • Contact
  • Phone #

If a customer already exists in the Data Pro Accounts Receivable system and in the on-line WooCommerce system, when they login to the web site, the WordPress plugin will call the API to get the current quantity available and also the customer’s price.

*Your purchase of this plugin includes 1 year of support. Additional years of support can be purchased for $525. Pricing subject to change.

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