X-Cart Gatewayless Payment Processor Module

X-Cart Gatewayless Payment Processor Module

Accept and store credit cards without a gateway or x-payments. This module enables you to store and accept credit cards without having an active gateway or having to use x-payments. The credit card data is store in encrypted and X-Cart’s database. Credit card details are can be viewed by viewing an order’s details in the X-Cart admin area. Legal Note: This module is not intended to be used on a live store as it’s technially illegal to save credit card data without being PCI complient. This module makes no attempt to be PCI complient and is only intended for testing purposes.

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Features List

Here is a list of just some of the features this mod has.

  • Works X-Cart versions: 4.x and up
  • Acts just like a payment method in X-Cart’s payment method section
  • This payment method is enabled and disabled in Payment Methods section of X-Cart’s admin
  • Saves credit card data in an encrypted format
  • Card data is saved to the database
  • Collects card information on same page as payment method selection at checkout
  • Doesn’t require X-Payments

Screen Shots

Checkout Page

Order Details Page

Cost: $255.00 Buy Now

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