X-Cart Featured Product Carousel Mod

X-Cart Featured Product Carousel Mod

The X-Cart featured product carousel mod is a modification to your shopping cart that will display the featured products in a carousel. The carousel script it’s self is based off the Yahoo! open source carousel. With this mod that was integrated into X-Cart. The carousel has many features and settings. Most of which can be changed easily through a page in the X-Cart admin area. As well the setup and install is a breeze. We have automated the install as much as possible. But there is still a manual install if you prefer to do that.

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Features List

Here is a list of just some of the features this mod has.

  • Automated install
  • Works X-cart versions: 4.+
  • Uses existing X-Cart method to select products to feature
  • Auto scrolling – carousel scrolls by it’s self continuously
  • Number of items to scroll by settings
  • Settable scroll speed
  • Carousel orientation can be set to horizontal or vertical
  • Item in carousel side margin settings
  • Number of items viable setting
  • Mouse over can be set to stop carousel or pause it from scrolling
  • Wrap-able scroll – scrolls back to beginning when scroll has reach end of product list
  • Automatically gets product name and price and displays then in carousel
  • Price can be set not to display in carousel
  • Settings for max number of characters to display for product’s name in carousel
  • Settings can easily be changed in X-Cart’s admin area

Demo & Live Example

Interactive Demo:

Live Demo

Admin Demo

Login to the admin area of X-Cart using the following (go to the module page to edit it’s settings)
Login URL: https://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com/scripts-files/x-cart-product-carousel-mod/demo/admin
Username: master
Password: demo

Front End Demo

Use the following link to view how the module will look on a standard X-Cart site.
Front End URL: https://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com/scripts-files/x-cart-product-carousel-mod/demo/

Cost: $75.00 Buy Now

Start online business with X-Cart ecommerce shopping cart.

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