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4 Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Get Leads

Have you ever wondered why your website doesn’t get leads? Or even concluded that a website couldn’t get you leads?

Well, the fact is that MOST businesses and industries CAN and SHOULD be get leads from their website.

For over 20 years, I’ve found that almost every business I’ve come across that said they can’t or were not getting leads… CAN, DOES, and SHOULD get leads from their website.

In fact, after some investigation, I’ve found ALL businesses that claim their website doesn’t get them leads or that a site will never get them leads — are ALL LACKING in one or more of these 4 areas.

  1. Not Optimized For ConversionsMost websites, even if they are already getting leads, are not optimized for conversions.

    Meaning their website and its page design is not laid out in a way as to lead a visitor to fill out a form or take action to become a lead.

    There are tons and tons of studies on how to layout a web page to maximize its ability to drive a person to contact you and become a lead.

    But most website owners, website designers, and developers never apply any of these marketing tactics to the site.

    Instead, most website owners build their website with the intent for it to be an “information” source with the hopes someone will become a lead.

    When you do that you’ll NEVER get leads.

    You MUST direct the visitor what to do, and have a clear offer that they will want.

  2. No Lead FormIf you lacking a lead form, and you’re sitting idle in hopes someone will click on your contact link in your navigation or something similar, you’re just kidding yourself.

    The odds of someone doing that are VERY slim.

    And you’re missing out on tons of opportunities.

    EVERY key page of your website should have a lead form on it or at the very least a button with a clearly defined message that when clicked shows them lead form without having to search for it.

    If you’re not showing leads forms to your visitors, how can you expect they will reach out to you?

    You can’t!

    Don’t make their job hard to get in touch with you, make it EASY!

    And on that note, in addition you should make sure your form is simple to fill out.

    Don’t ask for tons of unnecessary information or information you can gather after they’ve contacted you.

    For EVERY field (question) you add to your lead form you DECREASE the number of people who will fill it out. So don’t add more fields/questions than you absolutely need.

  3. No TrafficIf you’re not getting any traffic, then it’s probably safe to say you’re not going to get any leads.

    Yet, many people believe their website can’t get leads because of their industry or business type, when in fact it’s just that they are not getting traffic to their site.

    Are you using things like SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc to drive traffic to your website?

    If not then you’re probably not getting ENOUGH traffic to actually make a conclusion that your website can’t get you leads.

  4. Bad or No OfferWhat I’ve found on most websites is that the offer (what they are giving away to get the person’s contact info) is either weak or non-existent.

    You have to realize with a website that people can just bounce off your website and go to someone else’s site in a fraction of a second.

    So you need to give them something that they feel is worth sticking AND giving up their contact information for.

    One of the barriers to this is that I find business owners don’t understand the fact that…

    The offer is NOT the end service you want your lead to purchase, BUT instead is a STEPPING STONE from which can lead up to your full offer.

    Good offers are things like:
    – Free X-Ray & Exam w/ Consult
    Free Pricing Guide
    – Free Book

    Bad offers are things like:
    – Give us a Call
    – Become a Patient
    – Sign Up

If you’re experiencing any or all of these problems, reach out to us for a free consultation on how we can address each and all of these areas for you.


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