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4 Tricks to Get More Followers on Instagram

You can’t deny Instagram’s popularity. In fact, it’s the 3rd most popular social media site after Facebook and YouTube. Instagram has over 1 billion users every month. So it’s easy to see how you can struggle to get noticed. That’s why in this article I’m going to go over 4 tricks to get more followers on Instagram.

  1. Use popular hashtags. By using popular hashtags you’re more likely to be discovered and therefore more people will follow you. What you want to do is come up with a list of popular hashtags in your industry. Then use those on every one of your posts. Use about 3-6 hashtags per post. Don’t go too crazy with your hashtags as Instagram’s algorithm will actually show your post to less people if it looks like you’re trying to spam the system. With this strategy, you should be gaining followers every time you make a post.
  2. Follow other people. When you do this right you can gain a ton of followers. The idea here is that a percentage of the people you follow will follow you back (about 20-30%). And yes, you’ll get some who don’t follow you. So what you do is unfollow those people after a little while. Ideally, you should also only be following people in your industry. This strategy is something you can use if you’re new on Instagram or you’re initially trying to build up a following to something like 10K to 50K followers. Once you have a following your account should organically start to gain followers. So this is not something you want to do forever. Additionally, Instagram has a limit on how many people you can follow in one day. So you don’t want to overdo this or you’ll be locked out of your account. Therefore a simple way to execute this is to make a goal to follow around 100 people a day until you reach your goal. You don’t want to do too many or Instagram will think you’re overdoing and they may temporarily lock down your account.
  3. Comment and like other Instagramer’s posts. Interacting with other followers can help you gain more loyal followers. This is similar to the “follow other people” method in that you’ll want to find people in your industry and comment and like their posts. Make sure you’re actually providing a comment with real value – that’s the key here. The more sincere, the more likely they are to take notice and follow you back. For example our Tampa web design company could comments on Instagram posts about web design and leave some additional tips contributing to what the original post mentioned. To execute this strategy you should set out to comment and like a certain number of posts per day. But again just like the “follow other people” strategy, you don’t want to overdo this or Instagram could lock out your account. So a reasonable number, say around a 100 a day.

  4. Post more often. The more you post the more likely people are going to find your posts and as a result, follow you if your content is good. So it stands to reason that you should be posting at least every day, up to about 2-3 times a day. Create a schedule of when you’re going to post and stick to it. And make sure to include those popular hashtags I talked about in #1. As you do this on a regular schedule you’ll find people start following you more and more.

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