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5 Best Colors to Use on Your Website

Color can make a huge impact on both user experience and sales. In fact, 85% of shoppers said that color was one of the primary reasons for buying a specific product. And then 42% of people said they base their option of a website on its design and color scheme.

On top of that, colors have meaning. Each color instills a certain feeling and comes with its own set of characteristics. For example, blues tend to make us feel safe, where yellows tend to indicate a warning or alarm. 

So as you can see the colors you use on your website shouldn’t be taken lightly, which is why in this article I’m going to go over the 4 best colors to use on your website.

  1. Red or a bright color. Red has been shown to not only bring attention to something but also increase clicks. Which means people are more likely to click on a red button than a green one. So use red for buttons and links to get people to buy or submit their information. If the color red doesn’t work well with your website, an alternative would be another bright color that is in contrast to your color scheme. And if you need help figuring that out, feel free to contact our Tampa web design company.
  2. Blue. The color blue builds trust. It’s also most people’s favorite color. Which is no coincident that most of the biggest companies us it – such as Facebook, Walmart, Bank of America, AT&T, IBM, BMW, Twitter, Pepsi, Ford, and many more. Therefore, if the color blue matches well with your logo, it should be incorporated into your website’s color scheme.
  3. Your logo’s primary color. Want to know why some websites look so good? It’s because they’ve incorporated their logo color into their color scheme. The color or colors of your logo should be reflected throughout the use of your website’s design. This will make the site not only match your logo but also makes your website feel and look more professional.
  4. Industry color. Almost every industry has a color that sort of represents that industry or color that represents a related concept. For example, green brings thoughts of growth and health, so would be good for companies in the health industry. You should find out what colors best represent your industry or something positive you can associate with your company. And then use that color in your website’s overall color scheme.
  5. White. I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m including white on this list. Arguably, white can be the most important color you use on your website. White produces the appearance of space between elements. Using white effectively can make things look orderly, as well as making text more readable, and given an overall polished professional design. Additionally, it can be used to emphasize elements but placing additional white space around the element.

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