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5 Tricks to Get More Followers on Twitter

If you’re already on Twitter, you know it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. In fact, 326 million people are on Twitter every month. And over 500 million tweets are sent each day. So how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, in this article I’m going to go over 5 tricks to get more followers on Twitter.

  1. Follow people. People are more likely to follow you if you follow them on Twitter. One way to this to use is to make a goal to follow a certain number of new people each day. A percentage of these people will inevitably follow you back. But be careful not to just follow a bunch of random people. These people should be those in your industry or prospective clients. Otherwise, you could end up just following a bunch of people and looking like your spamming Twitter.
  2. Use popular hashtags. This is one of my top strategies. Find out what hashtags are popular in your industry and start using them when you’re tweeting. For example, in our Tampa web design company we would use hashtags like #webdesign and #webdevelopment. Also make sure to vary it up and not use all of the same hashtags every time. But it’s okay to have your core go-to hashtags you tend to use. What happens is since these hashtags are popular people will be searching for them and come across your tweets and then if they find your tweets useful, they may follow you.
  3. Tweet more often. Twitter is a super crowded space. If you’re not tweeting often, you’re just not going to get noticed. I once did an experiment with this and tweeted more than a hundred times in one day, and yes, I saw a drastic increase in people following me. The logic is simple, the more people that see you, the more are likely to follow you. Don’t be afraid to tweet too much. Most tweets are never seen again once a few seconds have passed after the tweet was posted.
  4. Mention to influencers in your tweets. Mentioning industry influencers in your tweets will not only get your noticed by the influencer, who could then follow you and their own followers take notice and follow you as well. But additionally those searching or looking for tweets by that influencer on Twitter could run across your tweets, and if they like what you said, they may follow you.
  5. Retweet influencers’ tweets. This trick is similar to the mentioning influencers strategy. Where you’ll want to find popular tweets from influencers in your industry, and then retweet some of their tweets. Make sure to add some value to the tweet – such as your option or valuable additional information. Then those searching for these influencers or the content you retweeted, they may find your tweets and follow you.

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