PHP Contact Form

PHP Contact Form Script

With this script you can send easily setup a contact form on your website which will allow your visitors to send you a message that sends to your email address.The script is simple to set up. You’re receive full instructions on how to use the script for either a stand alone version (where you simply upload a file to your web server) or a way to place the contact form on any page by simply pasting some code on your web page.

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To install this script all you’ll have to do is unzip the zip file into website where you want the script (or unzip it onto your computer and upload it onto your website). Then open the READ_ME.html file and follow the simple step by step instructions. Which simply instruct you to change some setting variables in the script if needed and copy and paste the script where you want it. It’s really that simple.


  • You’ll need PHP working on your website host.
  • You’ll need either your hosting provider to allow full use of the PHP function mail(), or an email address with either POP or IMAP access (most emails do this).
  • License is only good for one domain name. If you would like to set this script up on multiple domains please contact us for a quote.

Cost: $55.00 Buy Now
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