PHP Send Phone Text Message

PHP Send Phone Text Message

With this script one can send free text messages to a cell phone right from a web form. This saves you money from having to be charged by a phone carrier to send a text message and also is a novel thing to provide your web users with.

The script is rather easy to use. The script comes with detailed instructions for usage and setup on your site. Also the script uses CSS so that you can easily add you’re own style and design to the PHP form. It also includes form field validation to ensure the user has entered all fields and that the phone number is actually a number.

Check out the example to see this script in action (see below).

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To install this script all you’ll have to do is unzip the zip file into website where you want the script (or unzip it onto your computer and upload it onto your website). Then open the READ_ME.html file and follow the simple step by step instructions. Which simply instruct you to change some setting variables in the script if needed and copy and paste the script where you want it. It’s really that simple.


  • You’ll need PHP working on your website host.
  • You’ll need either the PHP function mail() or phpmailer class to work on your website host. We’ve include the phpmailer class with this script too.
  • You can only send text messages to those carriers listed in the example. Although if you do a little research on the web you can find other carriers text messaging addresses, these can then be entered into the script.
  • License is only good for one domain name. If you would like to set this script up on multiple domains please contact us for a quote.

Example PHP Send Phone Text Message

  • (numbers only, ex: 5550100)
  • 140 characters left


Cost: $75.00 Buy Now

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