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Easily Send & Track Email Campaigns with Our New e-Newsletter Program!

Our new e-newsletter or mass emailing program is now complete and will provide you with everything you need to create, track and continue a successful email marketing campaign right from your own website. In this newsletter (created and sent by our program, of course) I’ll discuss some of the program’s amazing features that make sending emails easy and fun!

e-Newsletter Program Features

Below you’ll find some of the more popular features of our e-newsletter program. Please ask us if you don’t see a feature listed your interested in, there are many more features than we could list.

Try the demo – username and password are both: demo


Full support of templates, which can be created using the email editor. Once you create a draft it can be used as a template for future emails. Also you can reuse or edit any past sent emails and send them out. As a bonus we’re currently including a free custom basic template, designed just for you.

Word Style Editor

Emails and your e-newsletter is edited through an easy to use, Microsoft Word style editor. The editor allows you to change font, colors, sizes, upload images and much more.

Campaign Tracking

Our e-newsletter program tracks and records all emails sent, how many failed to send, how many people opened the emails and how many are unopened. You can even see exactly who it was that opened or did not open an email. This data is displayed using easy to understand graphs, charts and grids.

Schedule Send Time & Date

Schedule exactly when you want your e-newsletter or emails to be sent out. With our built in scheduler you can pick the exact date and time the emails should be sent. Also you can set up a delay after sending X number to prevent triggering your website provider’s spam blocker/filter.

Send to Unlimited Email Contacts

Our program allows you to enter in an unlimited number of email contacts (website space permitting) and send to an unlimited number of emails. Unlike many email marketing programs, we don’t put a limit on the number of emails you can send.

Full Year of Free Updates

Receive a full year of free updates that we make to our software. This means any time in the next year that we made updates to our e-newsletter program we will update your program to the newest version for free. This also includes any new common use templates we design.

Stats, Graphs and Charts

With an array of easy to use and understand graphs and charts you can see how many people opened each of your email campaigns and how many emails were sent through out a month. Included are pie charts and line graphs displaying this and more data.

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Cost: $525 per website
(Free setup & free custom basic template)

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Also feel free to try our demo, login to demo.
Username and password are both demo

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